A description of our custom order options.  Many of our available fabrics are here at fabricutopia.com and our etsy shop, https://www.etsy.com/shop/Zimpro    Feel free to eiter convo us from Etsy or contact us here through Fabruc Utopia.


Milady Creations has several sizes and options available for our tree skirts.   These are custom designs copyrighted by our company and we use our own patterns to make these tree skirts.  Our tree skirt prices vary from under $20 (18 inch simple round) to over $150 (large complex Octagon nearing 70 inches in diameter).   Thus the cost of the tree skirt varies and depends upon the size, fabric choice, style complexity, and added options.

Round Style.  Our most cost effective style is a simple circle.   This is one fabric cut to make a simple round tree skirt.  Fabrics which have no orientation to them make the best choices for this style.

Size options for this are many and have dimensions across the tree skirt of 18 inches, 35 inches, 43 inches, and for some fabrics, 57 inches.  Except for the smallest tree skirts the size of the opening of the interior for the tree trunk is 4 inches in diameter. Some examples of tree skirts like this are found below,

SimpleCircleSimpleCirclesm SimpleCircle SimpleCirclerborder

One option we recommend for larger skirts in this style are ribbon ties.   With round tree skirts this keeps the slit for the tree skirt less noticeable.  Options exist in this style to add a ruffled border around the perimeter of the tree skirt.   This will also make a large tree skirt as well.

Simple Octagon Style.   One of our most popular styles and one of the few choices that can utilize Christmas border prints.   This style is very dependent upon the fabric selection.  This tree skirt consist of 8 panels (the red line in the diagram corresponds to the slit.   The most common side of these skits are measures about 45” in diameter from flat edge to flat edge, and about 49″ in diameter from point to point.  This size corresponds to the most common size of fabric bolts of material.

Ocatagon1 Simpleoctagon

For most variable fabrics, we are limited to sizes that are under As with the round style, a fabric ruffled border of various sizes can be added to this skirt to add several inches to the diameter of this style.  An example of this is shown below.


Complex Octagon Style.
This style is similar to the above octagon, but instead of 8 panels this skirt has 16 different panels.  This easily allows two coordinating patterns to be placed together and allows a larger tree skirt.   This is a good design for custom embroidery since at least one of the outer panels can be customized.

OcatagonComplexOct2 complexOct ComplexOct3

Scallop Style – 8 panel

This allows multiple coordinating patterns to be placed together.  Adding 5 different coodinating patterns is seen in our animal tree skirt.  Another method is one where two coordinating patterns are alternated side by side.  The pattern of this tree skirt also allows easy customization.  One or more panels can have custom embroidery work added.  This is is seen in our World of Warcraft – inspired tree skirt where all of the panels are a single fabric, but one panel has customization.

Scalopscallop4Scallop scallopall

Scallop Style – 16 panel

A very flexible design which has a wide main fabric with a narrow coordinating fabric strip.  Since each panel is separate different possibilities exits.  As with the 8 panel skirt described above it is possible to have one or more of the panels embroidered.








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