Frequently Asked Questions

This Page is being worked on and more to come.

Navigating the Shop Page

There are two places where you can open a search bar. The first is the navigation bar at the top of the website. Click on the Magnifying glass and just type in anything you want to search by, and it will try to find a match in our listings for similar information. A few examples are listed below. NOTE: Search bar CURRENTLY SET AS A “AND” SEARCH meaning that all words must be contained in the listing, so searching “Robert Cherry” will populate any listing containing those two words.

  • SKU
  • Description
  • Title

Additionally on the Shop page of the website below the filter selection will also functional the same way as the one in the navigation bar at the top of every page.

PLEASE NOTE: Search results are limited intentionally to 200 listings.

If you want a larger search to browse, using the side bar filters on the shop page will allow this, see the next FAQ below on how to use.

Click on Images below in the gallery to enlarge and see examples.

When viewing the Shop page, the left side bar will several options to filter by listed below. These selections may also contain subcategories (ex. the category of Cats is a subcategory of Animals which is a subcategory of Fabric by Theme.) You can identify a category that has a subcategory if there is a + or – symbol that can be clicked on to open or close the subcategories to the right side of the side bar. Additionally each filter option type can be open and closed with the arrows. ˄ indicates it can be closed, ˅ indicates it can be opened

As you select filters the options will narrow down furthor giving you less and less options as you narrow down what you are exactly looking for and you will get a display count of how many products are in your currently selected filters with smaller counts displaying on your available filters left to select. The exception to this is the manufacturer categories, where you can multi-select incase if you looking for products that fall into more then one.

The first three filter types listed below also have a search bar to quickly search for the option you might want to select or even see what matches.
NOTE: this does not search for products on the website, just the filter options for categories / collections / manufacturers of products listed.

  • Product CategoryUsed to filter by the type of item and fabric themes
  • ManufacturerUsed to filter the manufacturer – MULTI SELECT ENABLE
  • CollectionThis filter is mostly used for fabric as we have been grouping collections together to make it easier to find related fabric. Not every collection may be set up to work for this at this time and it might be valuable to also run a text search to confirm.
  • Product Cut / Unit This filter is used to find times marked as By The Yard, Panel, or as a single Unit.
  • Stock StatusUsed to filter items in stock vs out of stock
  • SaleUsed to filter items on Sale vs Regular Price
  • Price RangeIf you have a particular budget you want to follow this is perfect to control what displays within that price range which will be anyhting on sale or regular price within the set range.

If you have any questions about the stock of any products listed, feel free to Contact Us.

Click on Images below in the gallery to enlarge and see examples.

The reason why the filters are most likely not working is you are not on the Shop Home page.

There is one main way to get to subpages of the shop page, that being the home page of the website when clicking on the following:

  • Shop By Collection
  • Shop By Manufacturer
  • Or any of the product category image links seen above the reviews on the home page
  • This is designed intentionally to give a secondary option for navigating the website as some users prefer using the filters and others prefer not using them. Some filter options will still work though when viewing subpages, but only if your see actual listed product and not categories of product

    However, if you are having trouble ever getting to the Shop Home page or resetting your filters, there will always be a link in the Top Navigation bar of the website that will take you to the Shop Home page with only one filter preselected for instock products next to the Home page link.

    Click on Images below in the gallery to enlarge and see examples.

    Using the Checkout

    During checkout you are able to enter in coupon codes that you might have. These codes can be entered in 2 spots during the checkout process.

    The first is when your in step 1 viewing your shopping cart. At the bottom right you can enter your coupons codes. (they are not case sensitive)
    This will then display how much your saving by using said code and all of this information will appear on the step 2 checkout page.

    However, if you forgot to enter your coupon on the shopping cart page (Step 1), you can also enter it in at the top of the page of checkout page (Step 2).

    There will be text: “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”

    All that is needed is to click it to open up the coupon window and you can apply it during checkout.

    Click on Images below in the gallery to enlarge and see examples.

    Other Questions

    If you are looking for a item that is currently out of stock, Contact Us to see if we might be able to order more in from our venders. If we are able to order more we will be sure to give you a expected arrival date.

    If you Created an Account, you can log into and view all your purchases at any time. However, if you did not create an account and made a purchase as a guest user you will need to Contact Us and give us information so we can find your order.