At Milady creations we offer a selection of handmade, quality tree skirts which is difficult to find anywhere else.  Take a look at our Etsy shop, MiladyCreations, for what we have.

When choosing a tree skirt, consider if you want it to be a focal point or simply a background item.   Choose a bright color patterned design, or metallic finish when you want to “show off” the skirt.  Otherwise it might be better to go with an understated elegance in a relatively simple or plain colored tree skirt. 

Another factor is what type of tree is it or what room is it in.   A small tree in a child’s room would probably take a small tree skirt and have a kid friendly design (Disney, etc.).  Themed tree skirts have also become popular such as those for sports, beach themes, etc.

Sizing Tips

 What size should you get ?  Any size, really. Tree skirts were originally intended to catch falling needles, so the skirts would need to be as wide as the tree.  However, with artificial trees these days, tree skirts are merely decorative and serve to cover the tree stand.   Of course , we think that no Christmas tree is complete without a festive skirt. Christmas tree skirts  add a touch of style besides covering up unsightly tree stands.

The best size will depend on the size of your tree stand as well as the diameter of your tree.  . Milady Creations offers a wide array of tree skirts, but our most common sizes are between about 45 to 55 inches which will work with the majority of trees..  Factors to consider in the tree skirt size are:

  • The skirt should be big enough to fully cover the tree stand underneath.  The skirt should extend beyond this by at least several inches because it will have to drape down to the floor as well.
  • The skirt shouldn’t extend beyond the average width of the tree branches.  A good size is just big enough to reach to the outer bottom rim of the tree
  • Keep a tree skirt from encroaching into the walkways in the room. If it is too large, simply fold an edge under so no one walks or trips on it.  While measuring the area around the tree for the skirt, be conscientious about walking paths and take measurements accordingly
  • Decide whether the skirt will serve as a focal point or if it will simply enhance the existing design of the tree. If it’s going to act as a focal point, it should be a little larger than usual; if it will simply enhance the tree, it can be a little smaller.


Finally, If your tree skirt is a little big or a little small don’t stress out too much about it!


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